Version 0.49.8 (x64) not working

Hi Jean-Emmanuel,

First … Great software! amazing work!

And, version 49.8 (x64) simply does not open on Windows 10 (Surface Pro here).


Does it open a blank window ? Does 0.49.7 work ?

Version 0.49.7 works.
0.49.8 : no window, nothing. The process is visible in Task Manager though.
I’m going to try it on my desktop (Windows 10 64bit)…

Edit : same scenario on my desktop PC. v.49.7 ok and v.49.8 won’t open.

Ok thanks, v0.49.8 included an attempt to fix another issue (it didn’t work), I’ll revert it.
Edit: v0.49.9 is on the way

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