Can't run open-stage-control.exe

Hello, I'm new here. Downloaded the latest version, unzipped, but can't execute the exe file. Nothing happens. Executed as admin, disabled firewall, antivirus, without results.
Someone else happened this problem on Windows 10?

What's your windows version exactly ?

I'm on W10 Home version 20H2

hi @Elvis

is it the first time you meet this problem on .exe file ?
maybe you can find some help BUT read carefully :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. I tried everything with no success. I've experienced a similar issue once with an Exe file before, asking me for a program to open, and I found a solution, but this time it puts the mouse cursor in circle 2 times, like "loading", and nothing else happens.
I'm sure I've had a buggy software installation in the past in my PC. Maybe format and reinstall if there's no other way to open the application.

Is it Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit ? The package only works for 64 bit systems.

Sorry for not being specific, it's 64bits

Finally I could open the exe file. Maybe something with permissions or firewall. Thanks