V1.2.1 - what's up since v1?

Since the official release of Open Stage Control v1.0.0, the development has been slightly less intense and more focused on bug fixes : things are gradually getting back in motion with my daytime job (ie musician), and thatโ€™s for the best !

That being said, some new features have been implemented โ€“ often suggested by users โ€“ and down the line these changes add up and keep making o-s-c a better software :slight_smile:

The full changelog is available below, but here is a screenshot demonstrating some new customization possibilities for the sliders (playing with lineWidth, padding, design and knobSize):

Download: https://openstagecontrol.ammd.net/download/


## 1.2.1

- scripting
  - expose toolbar menu actions

- remote control
  - optimise small changes made with /EDIT

- widgets
  - button: add `wrap` and `vertical` properties
  - root: add `width` and `height` properties (helps building mobile layouts)

## 1.2.0

- bug fixes
  - editor: id not incremented when pasting multiple widgets with id+1

- main
  - remove support for extra args in the `custom-module` option (fixes some path issues)

- widgets
  - all: add `lineWidth` style property
  - knob: add `solid` & `line` designs
  - fader: add `knobSize` property

- editor
  - preserve percentages in position/size
  - add 'Relative units (%)' option to use percents automatically on new widgets

## 1.1.0

- bug fixes
  - iOS 14+ scrolling issue

- midi
  - add support for channel pressure and key pressure messages

- widgets
  - svg: remove support for non-standard `%x` and `%y` units; fixed layout update when resized;
  - knob: add support for custom dash/gap size in `dashed` property

## 1.0.4

- bug fixes
  - script: broken `storage.getItem` and `storage.removeItem`
  - regression breaking `remote-root` option when starting with the launcher

## 1.0.3

- bug fixes
  - modal: layout issue on iOS

- widgets
  - panels: added `contain` property to allow scrolling in vertical/horizontal layouts

- midi
  - add support for named ports in midi configuration

## 1.0.2

- bug fixes
  - broken scrolling on iPhone iOS 13
  - window geometry issue  

## 1.0.1

- UI
  - windows' dimensions and position are now saved upon closing and restored at startup