Open Stage Control v1.0.0-beta

Version 1 is getting closer to release than ever ! I finally managed to implement a color scheme that feels legible and consistent (thanks to the great nord theme). I’ve been testing it on rather big sessions, and things are starting to get nice:

(Control surface for Ardour 6)

The actual nord theme is also available (type “nord” in the theme option), it’s just a bit less contrasted than the default one.


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Hi @jean-emmanuel,

Yes it’s very very nice ! The result of lot of work from you. Thanks for this.

I’ve migrated my template to the beta version. It works splendidly well!
Great job Jean-Emmanuel, you are making my life way easier for two years now :slight_smile:

Great! i did the migration of my old session to v1b5 there was only some graphic resize to do on some nodes.
Thank’s well done!