Open Stage Control v1.7.1

Release day today :slight_smile:

Important change

Prebuilt binaries are now supplied only for 64bit Linux/MacOs/Windows. Other platforms should use the node package or build it from sources.

MIDI support

As of this version, packages except the node package are bundled with a midi binary that will be used whenever midi’s path option is not set. It is no longer necessary to install python and python-rtmidi.

False-Positve Warning

A few antivirus softwares may raise a false positive alert on the built-in midi executable, it appears to be pretty common with this kind of programs. No solution has been found yet, I can only suggest you to report it to your antivirus vendor as such. The sources for this file are here and the build process is here.


  • bug fixes

    • editor: missing context menu (copy, paste) in inspector inputs
    • widgets: osc listeners not resolving “auto” address
    • cli: ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE headless mode not working without --no-gui option
    • ios: clone widget not laid out properly in horizontal panels
    • ui: missing vertical scrollbar when root’s height overflows the workspace
    • server: provide readable error when a file requested by the client file is not found
    • tab: content not drawn when changing visible property
    • matrix: addresses not generated property when matrix’ address is auto
  • ui

    • add console bottom panel with a simple script interpreter
  • widgets

    • keyboard: add velocity property (allows mapping the touch coordinates between off (top) and on (bottom))
    • input: add validation property (allows defining a regular expression that the value must match)
    • modal: add relative position property
  • midi

    • accept sending sysex strings without spaces between the bytes
    • load prebuilt midi binary on 64bit linux/windows/osx
    • add support for midi time code messages
  • misc

    • sessions converted from v0 will use the widget’s html property to display the former label property

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on osx I have “connection” “connection lost” loop
and save is not working either.
go back to beta3

v1.7.1 is on the way

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thank you !