V1.13.0 - A proper editor for script properties

With the recent addition of the canvas widget, scripting in open stage control is taking a bigger place than it ever did, and the inspector didn't offer a decent experience in that regard. A built-in code editor has been implemented (using ace under the hood) to improve the overall user experience when dealing with properties that only contain javascript. The other properties remain as they were (simple text areas) mainly because adding too many editor instances would be a performance hit.

Note: to submit changes in the editor, hit ctrl+enter instead of enter .

I'm releasing it as a beta version to catch possible regressions and bugs before cutting a proper release.

Edit: v1.13.0 is out now.


Amazing as always Jean! You rock!

Very friendly this editor in the script field. Very good idea !
What about proposing that ace editor into the props property for matrix ?

Yeah, that would be great to have the editor in the Matrix widget.
And maybe reduce the Tab indentation from 4 to 2 spaces.

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The problem is the mixed syntax (json + advanced syntaxes that may contain javascript), I could enable the editor in text mode but adding syntax checking and highlighting is not simple in this case.

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Disabling syntax checking seems to be a good compromise. Agree with 2-spaces indentation.

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v1.13.0 is out now (currently deploying).

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Please upgrade to v1.13.1, a nasty bug was fixed this morning in the editor !

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The one that freezes the OSC client window? I got this once yesterday and lost my precious unsaved code :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Thanks a lot for fixing it and warning us!

It's not the same unfortunately, let me know if you have more informations about that one.

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