Open Stage Control v0.48.0 released

Back from vacation with a new release !


  • bug fixes

    • package: broken build from sources on Windows
    • editor: incorrect position when moving a widget from an edge with the keyboard
    • modal: prevent touchend event from reaching the inner widgets when opening the container
    • matrix: clone matrices not properly storing their children’s values
    • multipad/range: errors when dragging over when the gesture was initiated on a traversing widget (ie matrix)
  • widgets

    • new html widget
    • frames: allow loading local html files without requiring a web server to serve them
    • text: escape html tags characters (< & >)
    • input: added asYouType property
    • sliders/pads: added sensitivity property

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Splendid release! Thanks for your work Jean-Emmanuel.
How was your vacation?!

It was great, thank you !

Hello Jean-Emmanuel,

Happy to see O-S-C is improved so often. Really nice!

I am curious about the new sensitivity parameter. Can you explain a bit what it does because the documentation is not very explicit on that topic?

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Set it under 1 and the fader will move slower than your gesture, above 1 and it will move faster.
EDIT: and just for fun, you can even make your fader respond backwards by setting it to -1…

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