Open Stage Control v0.45.0 released

Shortly after v0.44.0, here comes another release bringing a few bug fixes and a really cool new feature… javascript ! This new property syntax allows writing formulas in pure javascript:

// comments !
function hello(){
  console.log(@{} + ' says yay !')
return @{fader_1}

What’s also really cool is that you can now debug your code easily with the parsing errors printed in the browser console (F12).

x = 1;
// JS{{}} error: ReferenceError: x is not defined at line 2
// (we are in js "strict mode", declaring global variables is not allowed)
// var x = 1; // would have worked

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  • bug fixes
    • regression (v0.41.4) breaking sync between clients
    • sessions not added to history when opened
    • switch: traversing mode issue
    • remote file browser reactivity issue
    • encoder: broken because ticks default was auto instead of 360
  • main
    • state files can be saved remotely
  • widgets
    • removed deprecated widgets multifader, multitoggle, multipush and formula
    • new JS{{}} property syntax, allows writing formulas using javascript
    • errors encountered in #{} blocks are now printed to the client console (F12)
    • keys: renamed formula context variable super to meta

In which property.ies can JavaScript be inserted?

Any, it works exactly like the math formulas (#{}) but with a different syntax: