Trying to install in Manjaro

So I use Manjaro with an Intel CPU, and I built the latest version from the 1.0.0 code that’s in the AUR repositories, but I cannot figure out how to build the 1.3.0 version, or even which version to download? Help?

Hi, you can use the pre-compiled binaries if the AUR repository is not up to date, there is an entry in the docs for this case : (under Linux > Other linux distributions). The file would be on a 64bit system, on a 32bit system.

If needed, the process for building from sources is described here.

Awesome! Thank you for this. I was able to open the server and the client on the same computer that’s running the Ardour instance, but couldn’t get ardour to connect to it (have OSC enabled, auto listening). Any help there?

I’ve updated the readme to make the config more clear :