Install on Raspberry Pi4

Hello, sorry for these newbie questions, i’m running “patchbox” the audio oriented os from “Blokas” on Raspberry pi4.
i’m not really familiar with linux and rasp, i don’t know if it’s this link i have to get :
Then, when it’s downloaded the zip contain no app but a lot of files. and i don’t know how to install that.
Thanks to help me find the good way to learn how to do that.

The v1 installation documentation is also valid for this version :

You need to extract the archive in the location of your choice, then running the executable inside called “open-stage-control” will start the app. You can run the executable by double clicking on it or from a terminal:

# go to extracted folder
cd path/to/open-stage-control
# execute program

Ok i didn’t use the good archive for patchbox on raspberry pi4 i needed : (62.9M)
Now it runs!