Running 1.0.0 beta from sources and node


I have been able to install osc on my linux server from sources and I am able to run it with node, but I would like to have the examples to choose from - like I can when running it as an electron app and setting ‘examples’ to true before I start the server. Is there a way?

Hi, as of 1.0 there are no example sessions packaged with the server, there will be some eventually when I take some time to build them. The control surface I made for the Ardour DAW may be a good example although it’s quite complex and uses many advanced features :

thanks. I get the following error:

(INFO) Running with node
(INFO) Headless mode (–no-gui) enabled automatically
var [host, port] =‘send’)[0].split(’:’)

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined
at sessions/ardour-control/ardour-plugins-module.js:7:41
at Script.runInContext (vm.js:141:18)
at Object.runInContext (vm.js:279:6)
at /opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/src/server/osc/index.js:105:1
at new OscServer (/opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/src/server/osc/index.js:116:1)
at Object.420…/midi (/opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/src/server/osc/index.js:280:1)
at o (/opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/node_modules/browser-pack/_prelude.js:1:1)
at /opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/node_modules/browser-pack/_prelude.js:1:1
at Object. (/opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/src/server/server.js:176:1)
at Object.424…/auth (/opt/open-stage-control/open-stage-control/app/server/open-stage-control-server.js:74345:4)

any idea why?

and when I just start the server, create a new session and try to add a widget I get the following:

(ERROR, CLIENT) TypeError: is not a function
at removeOscReceivers (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:441:12)
at this.getProp (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:1022:13)
at onRemove (src/client/widgets/common/container.js:68:14)
at onRemove (src/client/widgets/containers/panel.js:282:14)
at widget.getProp (src/client/managers/widgets.js:172:64)
at this.removeWidgets (src/client/managers/widgets.js:204:21)
at w.scroll (src/client/editor/data-workers.js:99:18)
at (src/client/editor/context-menu.js:157:37)
at e.preventDefault (src/client/ui/context-menu.js:35:25)

You need to setup the server as explained in the readme.

(ERROR, CLIENT) TypeError: is not a function

Fixed with latest commit.

this works within chrome, but I still get the error with firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit)

ok, I didnt specifiy the -s attribute.

it works in chrome, but in firefox I get an

'Parsing Error' osc.on is not a function.

and the server complains with

(ERROR, CLIENT) TypeError: osc.on is not a function
at (src/client/widgets/common/osc-receiver.js:44:16)
at JSON.parseFlex (src/client/widgets/common/osc-receiver.js:25:13)
at JSON.stringify (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:604:46)
at exec (node_modules/core-js/internals/fix-regexp-well-known-symbol-logic.js:1:0)
at maybeToString (node_modules/core-js/modules/es.string.replace.js:1:0)
at exec (node_modules/core-js/internals/fix-regexp-well-known-symbol-logic.js:1:0)
at maybeToString (node_modules/core-js/modules/es.string.replace.js:1:0)
at resolveProp (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:595:34)
at this.removeOscReceivers (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:362:43)
at constructor (src/client/widgets/common/widget.js:186:13)
at constructor (src/client/widgets/basics/button.js:48:8)
at this.getIterator (src/client/parser.js:76:21)
at Array(this.getProp (src/client/widgets/containers/panel.js:154:27)
at this.getIterator (src/client/parser.js:76:21)
at Array(this.getProp (src/client/widgets/containers/panel.js:154:27)
at StaticProperties=(e,r)=> (
at constructor (src/client/widgets/containers/root.js:59:8)
at this.getIterator (src/client/parser.js:76:21)
at load (src/client/managers/session/index.js:45:23)

Did you run npm run build again after pulling the commit ?

yes, I have

It’s probably a cache issue then, you’ll need to clear the browser’s cache associated with the server’s url.

your were correct. thanks!

and by the way: when I discovered your tool it blew me away.