The future of Open Stage Control

The future of Open Stage Control is version 1 !

It’s not ready yet, but I’m getting there, and since story telling on software development is not my thing, I figured I’d just share a screenshot and the current changelog with the community.

Many things will change, and sessions created with older versions won’t open will probably not work in this one, think of it as a new software for new projects ;).

TODO before release:


I’m so grateful that you take into account the things that people suggest in posts/replies and make them a dream come true. I wish you all the good in the world, jean-emmanuel!

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Absolutely fantastic. Your work is much appreciated. So excited for this.

Thank you for this wonderful tool :smiley:

wow, it seems great! is it the place to discuss about some feature requests? :wink:

Thanks !

@cyberic the github issue tracker is better for me to keep track of everything.

should we use github even for v1?

It is the place for bug reports and feature requests.

Will my current project open in V1?

No, as stated above.

This seems to bring many changes. I am not in a hurry to try it because it will require some work to adapt old projects but still it seems to be for the best! Thank you for your dedication, Jean-Emmanuel!

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Contrary to my previous statement, loading old sessions should be possible: a simple conversion process has been implemented. However it’s very likely these won’t work out of the box in v1.

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wow! that is awesome news @jean-emmanuel !

I was really discouraged to migrate to v1 before that, given the work I have done to my dashboard during … the last few years :wink:

Having a way to import old sessions, even in degraded mode or with some missing or malfunctioning beheaviours, is a great start!

thanks again!

Given the complexity of your session it will be very hard to adapt it properly, but as I said if you have something working already with v0, consider using v1 for new projects instead.

hello @jean-emmanuel . Thank’s for your work!
I hope we could keep v0 and v1 installed side to side ?

This should be possible as v1 won’t store config files in the same location.

Hello! Realy nice to read than we can test V1 soon!
Do you think to release it these times? Quarentine offers some time to test, rebuild and eprove the new one :wink:

I’ll publish binaries for the alpha version within a few days, along with the incomplete documentation.

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Do you have any plans for making OSC streamlined with VCV Rack?

I feel like you guys can work on something great together.

@rafaelz OSC is a generic control surface, any application that can be controlled with osc messages (or midi, to some extent) is compatible, there no plan to make it streamlined with any other software.