Open Stage Control & Max - tutorial & examples

dear O-S-C users,

I’d like to share with you a couple of examples, tips and tricks I’ve gathered during the last couple of months happily exploring and working with the amazing Open Stage Control and my best friend : Max.

I’ve set up this GitHub repository :

for now it contains 3 folders / categories :

  • 01_O-S-C_Max_tutorial : a Max patch + O-S-C session demonstrating various patching mechanisms & some widget customisation examples.
  • 02_O-S-C_Max_using_OSSIA-lib : showing how OSSIA can ease integration of Open Stage Control in Max workflow.
  • 03_O-S-C_Max-for-Live_example : work in progress… available soon

I hope some of you will find it useful.

Looking forward reading your feedbacks :smiley:


thank you for sharing !
will look forward for the part 3
Have you experimenting with knob and log value ?


Wow, thanks a lot ! These are very useful and a joy to dive into Open Stage Control.

I’ve been meaning to do so for a while but I now have no excuse not to.


I’ve just pushed part 3 on my github : An Open Stage Control & Max for Live template proposal.
This Live project is an attempt to propose a workflow. It’s the way I’m using it in several projects, I find it quite efficient & easy to adapt, so I’m happy to share it with you :slight_smile:
Please feel free to adapt it to your flavor, modify it and use it in your own projects.
Any comment, improvement, remark and more examples are very welcome !


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Quick question:

If I only have M4L, will I be able to run the O-S-C_Max_tutorial? Otherwise, seems like I’d need to just run 03.

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I don’t really know how it works when you have only Live suite with M4L… can you open .maxpat from Max, or is it limited to .amxd ?
I guess you should be able to launch Max starting by editing a device, and then it’s a ‘normal’ Max…

let me know :slight_smile: