Open Stage Control v0.44.0 released


This version finally brings a long-awaited feature to life : remote file management ! By default sessions will now be saved and opened directly on the server’s filesystem. Besides streamlining the editor’s workflow, this allows a few other neat things such as having the session’s name in the window’s title, being able to easily fork a session (“save as”), and last but not least the new file input widget, as suggested by @jyg.

With great power comes great responsibility: be sure to set the --remote-saving and --remote-root options to limit read/write permissions if your network is not secure.

Windows users should be pleased with this other change: the python library required for MIDI support has been replaced with one that does not require Visual C++ to install. Thanks to Christopher Arndt’s python-rtmidi, all you’ll need to do to get MIDI running will be:

# uninstall the old rtmidi
pip uninstall rtmidi
# install the new one
pip install python-rtmidi
# profit !

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  • bug fixes
    • ios: clone widget not displaying properly
    • keys: error when leaving the window with the cursor while holding a key-combbo pressed
    • session: disable saving when --read-only is set
  • main
    • sessions can be opened and saved from/to the server’s filesystem directly
  • widgets
    • new file input widget (allows selecting a file on the the serve and sending its absolute filename)
  • midi
    • :warning: breaking changes :warning:
    • replaced python dependency rtmidi with python-rtmidi (provides pre-compiled binaries for all major platforms)
    • sysex messages are now discarded by default, they can be enabled by adding sysex to the midi options

Great ! Super ! Thanks !

I just installed it. It works perfectly!