Run Touch Server via USB instead of Wifi

Is it possible to run the connection somehow through USB connection rather than wifi?

It should be possible to create a network connection over USB, open-stage-control won’t see the difference, but it’s up to you to create the connection.

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On android, I used SimpleRT ( successfully.

I can use thje browser on the tablet to connect to o-s-c server, without using the wifi.


@cyberic Thanks! I’ll look into this. :smiley:

Did you or anyone else work out how to connect USB?

I personally did not for the “windows” side of things. I’ve just been using the wifi. I do think it’s possible still though, I just haven’t looked into it further at the moment.

@Paul_Mckeon did you see cyberics reply above? That’s a USB solution!

For those interested on this for windows 10. I've got this nicely working

One more solution between android and windows : Tetrd app & server
Easier, no need for funny terminal commands, but not free (around 5€)... working well though !
Good advantage is the no lag compared to wifi.. really well responsive.

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There's an easy way to do this. Works on Mac or Windows. With your tablet device/phone go to the Play Store and download the Tetrd reverse tether USB app. Then download the Tetrd server app to your computer. Start the server, put your tablet in airplane mode (if you prefer), then launch the app on your tablet and plug in the usb cable. Hit connect and you'll be good to go. Works like a charm. No more wi-fi disconnects. No lag.

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Free or not ?

does it work with apple iPad also ? Don't find any iOS app from tetrd. Thanks!