ReaperControl OSC-Template

Hi there, here you can download the latest version of ReaperControl OSC template:

Mixer view:

FX view: (30.4 KB)

Regards, mj


Hi @Wombat,

Thanks for sharing your work. So many features i’d like to know how to realize in your interface.
May i ask you to explain how only this part works ?


Hi, this is the fader bank that allows you to control levels and panorama of your tracks. “Volume” controls level and panorama of the tracks, “Send 1-4” allows you to control levels and panorama of the send-bus 1-4, mostly used for reverb or delay effects etc… The send bus needs to be created beforehand in Reaper.

Regards, mj

well it’s more about osc organization. I don’t use reaper. My question was more about which relations between the different part of the interface are set to get this result. I will look deeper your code and try to guess. cheers

Aha, sorry! :wink:
It’s a panel (“faderbank”) with several tabs (the tabs are hidden with css in the panels “style” property) and the switch selects the tabs (panel “faderbank” property: “value”).

Regards, mj

yep but how to get a tab widget in 1.7.4 version ? Was your project made with a previous version and then converted ?


You create a panel then right click in the panel or in the project tree then you get a menu entry “+ Add tab”.

ok now i see :slight_smile: must have been a bit tired yesterday :slight_smile:
in french Ajouter un onglet.

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Hi there, small update:

  • some CSS cleaning
  • special .ReaperOSC file is no more necessary

ReaperControl_20201222.json (959.4 KB)

Regards, mj

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I’ve edited your first post with this link.

Thank you !

Great job Wombat!

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Great job! One local change I made was to disable smart traversing on trk_func_1 widget to allow for swipe gestures on track record arms, mutes, and solos. Been using for a week without noticing an issue, but will update if that in fact was overriding something intentional!

One thing, possibly for the dev, would be if this template could be modified to dispay the reaper MCP or mixer view. For larger sessions where tracks are hidden or disabled from the mixer, this would make mixer views compatible.

I'll dive more into the documentation, there seems to be some OSC addresses in reaper like:
DEVICE_TRACK_BANK_FOLLOWS_MIXER t/device/track/bank/follows/mixer

So could be possible, but would need some more background.

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Hi Dom, great to hear that it is useful and thanks for the hint with smart traversing - much better. For the MCP-thing.. could the setting in the toolbar "c" / cogwheel / "device track bank follows" = set to "mixer" be, what your looking for ?
There's also the "send_setup" button (the one showing up on startup) where you can change the default settings sent to Reaper.

Regards, mj

Gave it a shot! For me I didn't see a difference with mine or the base template changing the device track bank follows" = set to "mixer". My hope would be that disabling a track in the MCP would remove it from my mixer view. So my reaper mixer could have say 6 tracks in focus, then OSC would also have those 6 tracks without having to scroll through banks? Thanks for the response though!

Hi Dom, I tried it with my setup and it seems to work when looking at the mixer view.

What I don't get is how your setup in Reaper works. The trackheader looks like the TCP (at least in my setup :wink: ) and not the MCP although it hides the track when you click the MCP in the track manager ? Could you verify, that this is the mixerview your looking in Reaper ? Regards, mj

So I link in the TCP and MCP in the track manager, its a right click option. So I tested above... it works if you have the mixer open! I guess I can leave the mixer open in a tab for the time being. Thanks for testing, I should have been more thorough. I guess the OSC 'mixer' is paused until open then?

Ok, I see... maybe a feature request for cockos ?

Yea, its odd, does seem to be on their end, I'll file a request, thanks for your support!

I'm continuing on, trying another usability thing on the fader banks, I might find it but figured I would ask as well. Is there anyway to clearly 'if' check something? I'd love to hide faders and buttons for tracks that don't 'exist' in the DAW, so if I have 5 tracks in a session, tracks 6 - 12 are hidden. Vs messing up the formatting, it would likely be easier to just cover them in a solid widget when 'unused', unsure how that's passed along though.