The Logic Behind A Two Way Mixer (Reaper Integration)

Hey everyone!

Thanks to the amazing community here I managed to get messages from OSC to reaper for basic action triggering and such. The upcoming challenge is creating one UI that could hold my midi articulations and quick actions together with a fully functional Mixer.

The current issue seems to be, how to get track information like current db and fader position, effects and name from reaper to appear on OSC. I found this template made for that cause, but I'm not sure I can add my custom workflow to it in addition to all that it has.

To be specific my questions are:

  1. how to make the OSC UI get info from reaper, if there's an existing guide i'd love to follow it.
  2. Did anyone try to expand upon the template I put in the link below? does it seem more realistic to achieve? maybe just a matter of visabilty areas?

Thank you so much for all your help

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Have a look at the reaperOSC file in the reaper folder (can't remember exactly what it's called). It has heaps of info in it for all the osc info that reaper sends out.

I believe @abstrus has much more knowledge and also a reaper osc template you can look at.

Exciting times though!

Edit: check this out too ReaperControl 2020

This is amazing! I'll try to connect it to reaper and see how it goes! Thank you so much! It also holds a lot of room for my other actions.

That being said, is there a way to hide this entire monster of a template in a tab? essentially making it a part of a bigger system? It's quite the complex beast so I'm not experienced enough to know if there's a good way to do that

I don't made a whole reaper template, but thanks for assuming so :wink:

I have tried the above template and works quite nice, my last try out in this direction was the reaper template from MOSS from the reaper community (it was not easy to expand it to more channels, i didn't finish this project).
The nice side on MOSS template seems to be the handling of the reaper config file(found this very flexible but also a bit annoying),

Yes! Select everything, cut everything, right click on root in the tree and select 'add tab', then paste everything!

Insane! This template uses every pixel of the screen so I might have to make some room for it, but thank you so much!

You could also try more in a "more smart" way, and show only the necessary things and the rest with a modal. IMHO, not too much control at once, so it is clear what's going on...
(this is not meant for wombats nice template, i tried an approach to be able to choose from different VIEWS -> e.g. just show parts of the template and these bigger)

Ok so this is the current state of things with the Reaper2020:

Reaper recognizes the button presses, but reaper does not send info back to OSC. No Track names and no Fader changes (From Reaper to OSC). The developer said there's no more need for the reaper OSC file, but do you think this could still be the missing part for them to communicate?

Have you enabled debug mode?


If everything is connected fine, you should see an incoming message whenever you do something in reaper. Once you see this, then you can interact with those messages. If you don't see them, then something's wrong with your setup.

I did attempt that, but it didn't work. I'll add a shot of my settings

I'm not in my studio, but if I remember right, under OSC in Reaper prefs, you have to set that up to send out using the correct port. As you havent changed the incoming port, it's the default't remember. 8080?

If you see nothing in the debug with incoming OSC, it's your setup. I'll let you know tomorrow if you don't work it out.

Thank you so much for your help.
I have attached the Reaper OSC Settings, and they seem to match (I think):

example 5

actually, that looks fine. Not sure, maybe someone else might know. I'll look tomorrow.

No pressure! Thank you so much

Definitely mess with your reaper setting/ firewall etc as without seeing that incoming osc, you're stuck


The only other thing I can think of is Device IP.


I have a separate machine for the osc server and the IP of that machine goes here. I'm not sure what you need to do if running locally. Good luck! Report back when you've got it working!


Indeed, the device IP needs to be the same as the local network. silly mistake on my end.

Thank you so much!

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Great news!

Well, one of my goals (at least at the beginning :wink:) was to always reach every function within 2-3 clicks... That may explain the layout or the lack of more nested functions. Regards, mj