ReaperControl OSC-Template

Hi Dom,

Until now I couldn't find a way to do that.

  1. showing and hiding elements can be done with scripting. For example there's a scriptline in the fx-button of the first track: set('display_fx_panel', 1). This set's the hidden variable 'display_fx_panel' to 0 or 1. And this value changes the "visible"-property in the fx-panel widget: visible = @{display_fx_panel}. Sure there are more elegant ways to do that ;-).

But you would have to do that for all the volume, pan, sends and the trackbuttons (rec, solo etc.)...
I don't know how to build that dynamically.

  1. as far as I know, there's no other Reaper OSC message that declares if a track is visible or not other than the "device track bank follows" function described before ?

But maybe you could program something with the "device_track_count" in the ReaperOSC-file (can be changed dynamically) combined with hiding elements in the OSC template ?

Regards, mj

Ah yea, thats a good shout, I'll go down that path and see where I can get, and report back here if I find any success. Im midway through another post about relaying the track color info, and these two things, a track color and fader hider layer would make the mixer quite nice! Either way again, thanks for the support, and great work on this template.

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You should put this on the examples page.

There's no example page besides the custom module example, this section of the forum is the example page, sort of.

aah, sorry. Yes, I was thinking about this:

@Wombat Hi, is there a way to select Track 13 in Reaper and have o-s-c automatically switch to the second bank and display the selected track 13? I have this


but changing these also doesn't make a difference. The settings are the same in the ReaperOSC file.

DEVICE_TRACK_COUNT is also set to 8

Is this behaviour possible? I assumed Device Track Bank following Mixer would be what I was after, but it just never switches on the device.


EDIT: Just in case. I don't want to select the track using my device. Only clicking on it in Reaper. But have it displayed on my device. Without manually banking to find the selected track.

Hi GeneralMidi,

  1. as "Dom" noticed, this only works if the mixer window in Reaper is open... Maybe Cockos could implement that in the future so that it also works with closed mixer window.

  2. the button "Send device setup to Reaper" overrides the settings in the ReaperOSC file temporarily if Reaper is already running. For example ReaperControl sends track count "12" overriding track count "8" in the ReaperOSC file. You can change this settings in the "send_setup" button in ReaperControl. The idea was to get rid of a discrete ReaperOSC file with appropriate track count etc.

But I think I have to improve that so it's more clear which settings are active etc. :wink:.

Hope that helps.

Regards, mj

Hi there, small update to ReaperControl (version 2021-05):

  1. c/p of fx didn't work reliable > changed to c/p fx chain
  2. smart traversing deactivated for track functions (thank you Dom)
  3. changed the device setup tab and behavior
  4. device setup can now be stored and recalled
  5. added action: „Focus tracks“

ReaperControl_20210524.json (990.0 KB)


You can edit your first post by clicking on the pen icon below it :
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Wow, this is really an amazing user interface! Thank you so much for sharing it.

Hi Otavio

Glad you like it. Have a good time and regards, mj

I will. Also, I was studying your template and just couldn't find out how you made the switch_faderbank able to change the visibility of the faders of the faderbank widget. It doesn't seem to be through scripting or the specified OSC address of the switch_faderbank, at least from what I understood reading through it. I was really curious about this feature. Do you remember how you did it? Thank you again for the template.

Hi Otavio, the faderbank, toolbar and trk_functions are panels with hidden tabs. The switches select the corresponding tab. For example the faderbank panel has the value: @{switch_faderbank.value} and switches the tabs according to the values of switch_faderbank.
The tabs are hidden by the css code: .navigation{display: none;}


Small update:

  • added send labels
  • small improvements
  • clone-widgets for fx parameters
  • changed layout of toolbar 1
  • removed toolbar "c"
  • reduced fx slots to 6 (need some space for future enhancements... :wink: )

Hi there, this looks like an amazing template, great work! I am fairly new to Reaper (came to it for the fantastic OSC integration!), how do you send the OSC settings to Reaper itself to make this compatible? I couldn't seem to get 'Send device setup to Reaper" to make any difference (I notice it is a port of the old Lemur Reaper template, do you need the config file from this template for Reaper?). I can map things manually to Reaper on the template (using Realearn) but thought if there is a quicker way to automap it all then I would do that if possible!

Thanks very much

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Hi Kenny, glad you like the template.
You need to setup the remote in Reaper something like that:

Adjust the ip address and ports to your setup of Open Stage Control and you'r good to go.
"Send device setup to Reaper" only sends channel or fx parameter count etc. because the default pattern config uses 8 channels not 12 like in this template etc.
Most of the functions are in the template itself - so you don't need to learn them.
But the buttons for example in the toolbar fx panel you need to adjust. Name the button to your plugin name and use the "learn shortcut" function in Reaper to assign the button to that plugin.

Sure you can change the whole template the way you like - just look into similar buttons or faders and adjust them.

Regards, mj


Many thanks MJ, followed your instructions and now the template is working like a charm! Just figured out this morning how you can edit the Default.ReaperOSC with Visual Studio Code for tweaks as well, the OSC integration with Reaper is so good! Thanks again for you hardwork making the template, it is very much appreciated!

All the best, Kenny


Update 2023-02-05:

  • added buttons to select fx parameter banks 1-8
  • basic custom module to control fx parameters with Midi controller (e.g. Midi Fighter Twister)
  • small tweaks here and there

Download link in first post.

Regards, mj


boa tarde .. onde esta o link?