Advanced syntax error in script property

in a button scripting property I have this line :


in the console I get this message "script syntax error : using advanced syntaxes in the script property is strongly discouraged and may result in unexpected behaviors"

I have same log with XY & multi XY widgets and script.
Btw all is working perfectly fine

I don't know how to make this clearer, it's also written in the docs, : avoid using @{} in scripts, use get() instead.


I'm sorry I used get everywhere else ^^'

@jean-emmanuel I'm sorry again I remember why I used @{} when using get() I didn't managed to make it worked

send('/adm/obj/get('switch_source_select_v2')/x', value[0])

Hello @zoltan. Try using concatenation, like this:

const switchValue = get('switch_source_select_v2')
send('/adm/obj/' + switchValue + '/x', value[0])

or using template literals:

const switchValue = get('switch_source_select_v2')
`send('/adm/obj/${switchValue}/x', value[0])`
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thank you !