Mobile App Implementation?

This might be complicated to implement across the board but out of curiosity would it be possible to create an app for mobile. Where the mobile app hosts the server and opens up a theme as well?

While this is probably doable (although presumably complicated), there no such plan on my side as I have very little (if not zero) interest in mobile application development (I don't even have touch phone/tablet).

In my mind the only reason to develop a mobile workflow would simply be for more diverse access. Rather than needing to have access to a computer to start a server to send Osc to different hardware, you could load up a few pre defined templates and work off site as needed. But I don't know how many other users would find it useful or necessary.

literally just made a post regarding this ( as a discussion point ) in Chataigne Discord - while I understand the reticence to do so, IMO having some form of mobile application, if only for the client side of the application, is somewhat necessary. due to how Ios & Android handle ram, and how they treat browsers/progressive web apps, your web page will often be Force Refreshed. this makes Open Stage Control / Chataigne a scary choice for Timing Critical applications where you are accessing the client on a tablet device ( IOS Specifically is notoriously bad for it ) if there was a dedicated mobile app that connected to the server IP then that would bypass this potential issue. also on what tyler was saying above, I perservered and put up with TouchOSC for over a year, simply because I could edit on my tablet... and not being able to do that specifically kept me away from Open Stage Control in spite of endless frustrations with TouchOSC. also I have had many circumstances where there was no computer involved at all, controlling a looper on my ipad with a phone for example. so In My Opinion having some form of mobile support would be very beneficial to adoption.

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I do understand the benefits such an application would bring however it's unfortunately way beyond what I'm able and willing to dedicate myself to in terms of spare time and personal interest.