Jono not Bonophonic Cubase Touch Controller


I just thought I'd say hello. I'm new to OSC and just wanted to say thanks to Jean for creating such an amazing piece of software. I've been looking for a solution where I can design a Cubase/Nuendo controller for quite some time and this is incredible.

I'm no coder so everything is extremely difficult but so many people have been helping and I'm starting to get something into good shape!

Thanks and here's a video on a controller I'm in the middle of creating that I've called the Jono not Bonophonic Cubase Touch OSController :joy:

All work in progress but it's amazing fun getting it working! :slight_smile:



This, sir, is a work of art not only in logical execution / layout, but also in traditional aesthetics.

Thanks for sharing.

-- madison437

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Thanks man, I'm getting excited about this and especially "finishing" it. It's had a lot of work compared to when I filmed that video (basically been working on it round the clock to get it finished). I'll make a new video on it very soon! :slight_smile:

Very much looking forward to it.

It's always that last 10% percent. :wink:

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Ah man, isn't that the truth. Here's a screen shot of how things have progressed...

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I think that's more than a solid 10%. :wink:

Great to see.

I've made a new little video...

Again a very nice showcase of some of OSC's capabilities (and their programmers).

Do you feel the latency when live playing or strumming is too high on the touchscreen?

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Hey thanks. I don’t feel any latency at all. It’s instant! :slight_smile: