Using OSC on iPhone or iPad only without any external computer

Hey there!

I really love the possibilities with OSC!

At the moment I use Lemur on iPhone for controlling AUM, Quantiloop and some AUv3 plugins on the same iPhone device. But Lemur becomes Abandonware.

Is there a chance someone could programming this “daemon-server-thing” app so we can use OSC on iPhone or iPad without using any external computer?

Thank you guys!

It’s unlikely to happen (I won’t do it, that’s for sure :slight_smile: )

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edit: sorry, I thought you are the same dev of Lemur.^^

TouchOSC: has no scripts if I’m not wrong and the editor is a pain (no permanent sync possible)
Lemur: waiting for some updates (no access to the user library) :frowning:
OSC: missing iOS standalone app without needed external computer
MIDI Designer Pro 2: powerful but the design: ouch! My eyes!

I’m also going through a similar frustration as I realized there’s no 1 perfect system that truly does it all. I think overall OSC provides greater flexibility

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