Menus display when uploading a session

Hey everyone.. I have an issue when I open my session. I've created a menu and when I open the session all the menu options are display all at one.. can anyone give me an idea how to overcome it?...

Could you upload your session file here so that I can see what's going on exactly ?

This is how is opened

That's how is suppose to be

Test.json (3.2 MB)

Thanks, it's a little bug that will be fixed in next release. Meanwhile you can circumvent it by setting the tab container's value property to

#{@{view_switch} || 0}

instead of


(the removal of the .value suffix does nothing in itself, it's just that this one is implicit when omitted.)

Thanks a lot !

I have another issue please if its ok with you.
on the down right corner I have a volume knob (the yellow one..)
when I move it.. its not moving smoothly .. you can see in the attached video link that after I let go of the switch I continue to move.. and also it feels like it moves in steps
Any idea how to solve it?..

It works fine here but I suspect the unfocus() call in the knob's onValue script could be causing this. Either remove it or put in in onTouch instead so that it doesn't run on every value change.