[Feature] restore the 'show values' options for switches


I am migrating a big dashboard fron v0 to v1.

One thing I am missing is the ‘show value’ option that was available for switches in v0.

Is it possbiel to have it in v1 as well?


Well it was really an edge-case feature, you should be able to display any desired label with the object syntax ({"label a": "value a", "label b": "value b", }).

Thx for your reply.

I am using several switches to store structured data, and it was very useful to use /EDIT to alter these values, and display them at the same time, with only one widget.

You’re right, I can use another widget just for the display using the ( ) syntax, but:

  • it uses twice more widgets
  • it doesn’t look nice (the wrapping looks bad and nothing is aligned)

I use smth like:

return JSON.stringify(@{text_5}).replace(’",’, ‘"\n’);


but I cannot say it’s pretty :wink:

A single switch widget does the job, for instance with values set to

  "[1,2,3]": [ 1, 2, 3 ],
  "[2,3,4]": [ 2, 3, 4 ]

Anyway, storing and displaying strutured data with a switch selector is typically an edge-case that can be handled many other ways and more elegantly (scripts, custom-module, or even from the controlled app).

that can be handled many other ways and more elegantly
I had found this way on v0 and I might not be aware of newest ways of doing this.

For now, I need to store structured data (key/values) where the values can be structured too.
For example {"song1": {"name":"bla", "position":5}, "song2":...} and so on.

these attributes are used in my dashboard in different places, in order to display the different “songs” and interact with them.

Do you think I should use global variables to store this?
Or de-structure this information to have /song1/pos and /song1/name widgets?

thx for your hints