Getting midi feedback into open stage control to sync volume fader with the daw

Soo after a long time searching on the webs i found out how to control ableton with osc with sending midi messages to remotify scripting.

I was wondering how you can let Open Stage Control give midi feedback so when you push on a fader it displays the value on the fader in open stage control from your daw.

I want to have one fader to control the selected fader within the daw, and receive the midi value in osc so the fader jumps to the right value

General mechanics - Open Stage Control

Basically, you have to send to OSC the same message the widget would send, and make sure that widgets has the emitting MIDI port in its target property.

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Thank you for the fast reply! can you help me out here, I'm fairly new with the concept on open stage control and all I have set is this for now, it lets me control the selected channel in the daw but has no feedback on the set value on in the daw

You need to make the DAW send the feedback value (as control change 100 on channel 1) to the midi input port of "midi:OSC" you defined in the server's configuration. How to do that depends on the DAW.

Thank you ! got it working

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Hi @justjero, I'm trynna do the same in Ableton Live 10 but got a lot of buggy behavior in OSC (see the attached video : youtube URL).
What was you exact MIDI config in Ableton settings ?

Hi @jean-emmanuel

I am struggling to figure out what I'm doing wrong to get Cubase to send status back to OSC and for the corresponding button in OSC to reflect that Cubase function's status. (as I move from track to track for example.) I've read through several different posts about it, but I'm not having any luck. Would love your insights if you have a moment.


Unfortunately I can't help much as I don't use Cubase at all..