Cubase acts strange with faders when linking it to selected track volume

Hey all!
Just wondering if anyone has encountered my current issue, I have configured an OSC fader to control the volume of a selected track however when I configure the midi to both send and receive, for some reason the volume automation in Cubase only updates every second rather than smooth motion, meaning it jumps from point to point because it updates the volume fader to it's value every 1 second or so rather than having a fluid motion .. in addition I noticed that my channels volume changes ever so slightly all the time on current selected tracks .. so where a track should be on 0.00db volume it suddenly changes to -0.12db or similar .. that made me think that it may be due to a constant update from cubase to OSC and vise versa even when the fader is not in use, is there a way to start transmitting only when opening the mural containing the fader or only when it is used?


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It looks like a feedback loop problem (messages sent back and forth indefinitely). Open stage control can't do that by itself (unless explicitly configured to that effect using a custom module) so I suspect a configuration / midi routing issue somewhere in loopMidi maybe ?


First of all thank you for your reply and assistance!
I have cleaned up LoopMIDI with only 1 port active, however you are right as I have noticed something strange .. the OSC port is constantly sending information even when doing nothing when both send and receive midi options are enabled in Cubase .. as soon as I disable one of them regardless of which it is the traffic stops, any ideas?

I'm not 100% sure but if I remember correctly you need to create two ports in loopMidi (one for sending, one for receiving) in order to avoid feedback loops.

That's a really good idea! How would I go about programing a fader to use separate ports?
I currently have this under "Target" "midi:cubase", how can I add another?

You don't need to change the widget's target, you only have to change the way you declare the midi target named cubase in open stage control's midi config so that it connects to the input and output ports:


You are right! This was the issue and now everything is well! Thank you!