Breaking down Pro Tools for OSC

Hi everyone !

I'm trying to find a way to make the following simple task but it seems difficult to achieve or to understand well how to make it work in Pro Tools.

To go back to the basics, I'm just trying to send a CC back to OSC when a CC is triggered on Pro Tools.
So in the end, OSC is not just sending MIDI CC but also receiving it back when Pro Tools is playing.

I've spent weeks researching the solution but I couldn't find a proper answer to it.
Topic I've read on the forum was this one and this other one.

The HUI Protocol is interesting as it will let you control pan knobs, faders, timecode and more which I believe is using sysex to send messages but then I don't see the link between MIDI CC and HUI, nor the solution to my initial problem when using it.

Anyone could shed some light on this hidden-profound topic ?
Especially those of you who are using Pro Tools, I'm really curious to hear/see what were you able to accomplish so far in combination with OSC ?