Capture Mode for Objects?

Hi there,

Please ignore this if already exits, but I couldn't find it tho, please let me know otherwise.

Would be cool to have a capture mode so when the cursor goes out of the object, it can still sets its values, basically the cursor controls the object until raised, just like this:

I do use heavy use of matrix objects and I am really missing this feature, you can see here editing values stop working once I leave the object.

Thanks in advance!

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@jono_not_bono made a kind of harp somewhere on this forum. Not sure i understand your request.

The traversing mode might be tweaked to behave this way, I'll keep you posted.


that would be awesome, thank you jean-emmanuel!

Thanks Greenman, maybe I've not explained it well. Thanks for replying mate :+1:

Another thumbs up here :+1:

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Turns out it's much more complicated than I thought. For the time being I'd recommend using a canvas widget, the multislider example behaves as described by @abcd, you'd need to adjust it to your needs of course.

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Thanks jean-emmanuel! I see, I've made a quick modification with some stuff I gonna need and this works perfectly, so I can use it meanwhile. I have to install the latest update now you added the canvas_update(), that's cool. Thanks once more again!

Attached it here if that helps.

Canvas Horizontal Multislider.json (3.3 KB)