Inspector bug in v1.15.5


I noticed that from time to time, as the inspector is opened, it won't update when i select an object. I have to select it twice to get the infos.

And today, some other strange things : it added a few lines in my code...

bug editeur

I absolutely don't know when nor why it does happen...

W11; o-s-c 1.15.5.

That's very strange. The extra lines of code are added to help preventing infinite loops but there are not supposed to be accessible to the editor. Could you upload your session in case there's something in it triggering the issue ? Are you using a custom module that may modify your session while you interact with it ?

Well right now i don't have those lines anymore (pc was turned off for a while).
And i don't remember if i changed something before leaving (it's a "let's try this" session...).

So, If ever i have them back, i'll upload both session and custom module (although i did not have any problem with it, and no interaction at the time of this strange bug).

There it is...

EDIT : i think i found... in the matrix props, there was a lost piece of code, with nothing... nothing else than other props...

props.onCreate =
props.colorWidget = 'VAR_{couleur}'
props.mode = "push"

props.onValue = 
var MonArray = [

The "before EDIT" :

Just select the first button in the matrix_1, in tab_2

And you can see this

And this

By the way... How is it possible to select a button here ?...

This problem occurs because of the code : same thing occurs with buttons 0, 2, 5, 6, 9, those targetted in my 'code'; those that have three zones (top-left, bottom-left, main right).

The 'let's try this...' json
Bug.json (12.1 KB)

You're not supposed to be able to edit a button in the matrix, so I guess that's the bug we're tracking.