Xy_pad and 2 faders x_value and y_value

Hi !

I need help to figure out how to get a xy_pad synchronised with a x_value fader and a y_value fader ?
the idea is to change only the x value or the y_value and of course if i use the xy_pad it will update the two faders
is it possible ?


the idea is to get something as in ableton live

For now the range is set to 0 to 127 for the concept.

xy_pad_with_2_faders.json (6.8 KB)

But i have no clue how to get that :slight_smile:
So any help appreciated.

ps : the next step will be to get the ableton live to respond too (but i guess a mapping on the cc control number will be ok)

This has been asked before and answered here by Jean How to link xy_pad with two faders?


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xypad.json (9.7 KB)

You are right :smiley:
Sorry for the dérangement

nickel @zoltan perfect thanks for this session !

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you're welcome
but as said @dmdComposer it's something which as already be talked

ok so it works but i meet a strange in ableton (it's not an osc question)


Would you tell me why i don't see any cc midi messages into the midi monitor ?