Multiplies Fader Value

I am making a note selection using 2 faders,
first is note selection 0 to 11, and second one is octave selection 0 to 9
By multiplies this to fader that will send a value between 0 and 127 corresponding to the note.
so this should looks like to something to this {Fader_Note}.value*{Fader_Octave}.value
I found a lot of answer in the documentation and forum to other questions this are the 3 still remaining :slight_smile:


It should look like this: @{fader_note} * @{fader_octave}
But this would only work in a JS{{}} or #{} block, maybe in the value property of an input widget that would be sending the resulting value.

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Ok I get it (I have to understand the exact meaning of #{}
Btw my equation was wrong
Correct one is : @{fader_note} + @{fader_octave}*12
Now I have to find how to send this value in Midi but I think I’ll find
Will add a display of the note name instead of number and that should be ok !!
Thank you.
I have a good start to create my first patch !

After some test I didn’t find a way to send CC value using the text indicator, because it has no value as expected for midi communication.

HyRep2_v2.json (73.7 KB)

Indicator widgets are bypassed, using an input widget instead should work.

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It works !
Value superior to 127 loopback to 0, I have to set a range or a max value now :slight_smile:
I will post my solution

The only solution I found is to use an third fader with a range of 0-127 that is sending the midi output, not sure that the best way to do it but it works.

In the input widget’s value, you could use some javascript to apply that range directly:

var val = @{fader_note} + @{fader_octave} * 12
return Math.min(127, Math.max(0, val))

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I really need to find a java tutorial, the script part is where to custom everything (not java)

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