Can I use one fader to control the value of multiple faders?

Hey guys!

Is there any way for us to refer and "map" the data from one fader to other faders?

I have 3 faders to control "Close" "Main" "Room" Mic(Cinematic Studio Strings).

And I want to use a custom "Distance" fader to control the value of those 3 faders. For instance, if the distance is "far"(smaller value), then the value of "Close" mic will be smaller while the other two rise; if the distance is close, then it's the other way around. :grin:

Yes, it is! OSC is amazing and let's you do whatever you want :grinning:
Here's a simple session example to demonstrate one approach for your idea.
mic_distance.json (9.4 KB)

In the distance fader, I've set the onValue script to invert the current value and set the close mic to the inverted value (it's based on max CC value of 127).
And in order to the distance fader to control the main and room faders I'm using the lindkId prop.
Basically you can set any name you want to describe it.
Also, I'm using the >> notation in the distance fader linkId, so it works like a master fader, controlling main and room. And these two are using the << notation, making them slaves.

Holy s!

This is so easy to acheive :joy: :joy:

I fully understand it once I saw the session file

Thank you so much!!

Here's another simple question tho

Can I parent the position of text to the fader?