How to link xy_pad with two faders?

I want to create a xy_pad with two faders. One fader is linked to y value of the xy_pad and one fader is linked to the x value of the xy_pad.

I gave the faders an id in the field linkId.


After that I wanted to give the same id to the xy_pad. But this didn't work:

You can't do it using linkId because it does a 1:1 value binding. Providing multiple link as in the last screenshot is only used to create multiple "binding groups".

To do what you want, empty the linkIds and set

  • the xy's value property to [@{fader_x_id}, @{fader_y_id}]
  • the x fader value property to #{ @{xy_id}[0] }
  • the y fader value property to #{ @{xy_id}[1] }

Alternatively, this could all be done via scripting, using the onValue properties of these widgets:

// xy onValue
set('fader_x_id', value[0], {script: false})
set('fader_y_id', value[1], {script: false})

// x fader onValue
set('xy_id', [value, get('xy_id')[1]], {script: false})

// y fader onValue
set('xy_id', [get('xy_id')[1], value], {script: false})
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Hello Jean-Emmanuel,

first of all I want to thank you for your great software. Open Stage Control helps me a lot.

I was already synchronizing on the Value properties before your tip. I want to control MIDI values from 0-127 and I want the xy-pad to start with the handle in the middle. For this I had set the xy default values to 63. Unfortunately these were overwritten at startup.

With your second method via scripting it works as desired. All three widgets are synchronized and the default values are kept.

Thanks for your quick help, now I can continue.