Virtual port are not supported by the Windows MultiMedia API

Hi there,

I just just implementing a Virtual Midi Device , and I find this limiation in Windows 10 x64 .

I've previosly read that creating Virtual Midi ports is a feature which you can only do in Linux/Mac . MIDI configuration - Open Stage Control
The issue is that I'm not able to route my MIDI in Windows10 either.
I'm just enquiring if this feature will be able to be sorted in a near future or if it is an actual software imposibility.

Its not that I'm a friend of Windows10 , but my DAW is unfortunately , and I don't wanna have to run a virtualization of Linux just to run Open Stage Control


On windows it's not possible to create virtual ports with o-s-c as you would with loopMidi but it is possible to connect to these ports. One known limitation found recently is that you can't connect to a midi port if another software is already connected to this port.

The issue is that I'm not able to route my MIDI in Windows10 either.

More details on that may help too;)

Hi Jean-emmanuel , Thanks as always , Sorry If I sounded a bit desperate I just have so many ideas coming to my head thanks to your great software. I'm gonna have a troubleshooting session today and I will get back in here if I still find this issues (may be also that I don't know how to set up the thing)

Forgot to tell you that with loopMidi of Tobias Erichsen, everything gets routed like a charm in Win10. Thanks so much!!

Ok great !

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