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Hi all!

I'm trying to develop an OSC template for someone else, and one of the issues I'll be running into is that I can't control what Midi devices they add or remove. This means whatever settings I set them up with will be lost as the port number changes.

My feature request would be to save midi ports input/output according to their names, not their numbers, and to also use a checkbox solution instead of a log line like we do now. This is more typical of a conventional DAW, etc.



I would encourage everybody to become Patron to thank and support @jean-emmanuel for its amazing software before suggesting any new feature :slight_smile:
Just add i don't know personaly Jean-Emmanuel.
Hope you're convinced.

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Just to be clear, there's no priority given to FR from patrons. Contributions are very much appreciated, but open stage control remains a spare time project with no agenda, I work on it when I feel like it.

On the FR itself, I won't say it will never happen, but it's not very likely to happen either, simply because the software's main focus is OSC, not MIDI. Also, since you're using Mac, you could create virtual ports directly from open stage control and simplify your workflow, just write dev_name:virtual instead of dev_name:input,output.

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Thanks Jean :slight_smile: I'm actually on a Windows 10, is there an equivalent function I could use?

I'm simply using MIDI as the manner in which to communicate with the DAW, and want to make sure it remains stable if a midi device is added or removed (without having to reconfigure all of the port settings according to the new numbers. Thanks!

I'm actually on a Windows 10, is there an equivalent function I could use?

Unfortunately no. It's possible however to use strings instead of numbers to define MIDI ports:

"dev_name:IAC from Buttons,OSCtoDAW"

The first port that contain the string will be selected.

Thank you Jean! :smiley: that works for me!