Virtual Launchpad For use with Ableton Live

Hi there guys,

This is a Virtualization of a Launchpad , which you can use on Session Mode with Ableton Live "Remote Script" seamlessly .
Is my first device so it may be really improveable , but If you want to collaborate either with ideas or just taking the .json yourself doing some magic , hit me up!!.
Is nice to keep things unified, for the good of the community.
The viewport is made to be fitted to a regular Tablet screen of 10 inches



Here is a refined version:

  • grid layout (works on any screen size)
  • border radius adjustments (global border radius defined in the tab's css)
  • css trick to make circle button always appear as circle (defined the the top row / right column css)
  • border removed on buttons
  • more icons !
  • 1st button's mode set to tap

virtual-launchpad.json (116.6 KB)




Amazing , Thanks a lot jean-emmanuel . I've just updated the github repository accordingly

Just for fun, an alternate version. I may be wrong but the right column buttons color script didn't seem right so I changed it works like the other buttons.. virtual-launchpad.json (116.7 KB)


Nice collaboration !
I worked on the Redbox, and custom script / remote script for ableton, and it works.
did you create a script for ableton managing your layout ?

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Hey Zoltan glad to see some ppl collaborating. So basically this is just a clone of the hardware, so Ive tried to be as close as possible to the specs of the manufacturer, so its just a MIDI device, but im working on doing another device on top of thisone, which uses the scripting language ClyphX Pro, and after that is finnished the intention is to merge both projects into one with separate tabs so you can actually select clips, copy them, control devices, insert devices on Live, mainly full control of Ableton Live. Im writting from a tablet, Lets keep in touch I will show you my idea and if you like it and you wanna help me or do your own thing we can possibly create a nice device!!

You should take a look at the custom script that I shared (it's for ableton 10, but I made a ableton 11 version which is almost the same).
With this solution you don't need clyphx pro, so no need to pay anything.
This is how I made my OSC templates with navigation in the Ableton Live view.

I made a remote script that you can find in the second link with instruction how to use it.

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It's very beautiful! Pads work better as a "push" rather than a "tap"

Thanks, I will take a look. Feel free to use it however and If you find any other functionality that can be improved feel free to do it.
Lets keep it updated in github, GitHub - freddieventura/virtual-launchpad

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Yes!!!! I will look! I downloaded it and in a free moment I will see some things. I've never had contact with a physical launchpad to get ideas on how to make improvements, but, this is something that we can together experiment with clyphx =D

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Just promoting a bit the thingy . Give a like to the video hehem.

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Excelente :raised_hands: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for your demo.
Virtual Launchpad works very well at home with a laptop and a DELL touchscreen.

In addition, thanks to your demo, I was able to find my "midi loop" bug.
I had to declare 2 MIDI in loopmidi simply : MIDI-In and MIDI-Out, and modify Ableton's preferences accordingly.

Thanks again


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Thanks very much! I'm totally new to this but after a few attempts I managed to get it all set up and is working well.

I've just one question though. I believe usually on a launchpad when you change to user one and use a drum rack, the mapping of the pads will change to drum rack layout (mapping mode 2). However this doesn't seem to happen on this virtual launchpad. Is there any way to get this to work?

In the launchpad programmers reference it says:
Select the grid mapping mode
Hex version B0h, 00h, 01-02h.
Decimal version 176, 0, 1-2.
This command affects the mapping of Launchpad buttons to MIDI key codes for messages in both directions. There are two possible mappings, selectable with the last byte of this message:
Mapping Meaning
1 X-Y layout (the default).
2 Drum rack layout.

I don't know if this can be used in any way to get the virtual launchpad to behave in the same way?

Many thanks.

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Hi thanks for getting involved !!.

Yep I didn't implement that yet as I'm still quite newbie in this as well. :smiley:
But I'm going to check that this week and see if we can update the device to this "mapping mode 2" keeping this updated asap. Thanks!!

Great - thanks.

As a workaround, I've duplicated your page into a separate tab, and then remapped all the buttons to the drum rack layout. So now there are 2 tabs, one for each layout. It works, but I'm sure there is a much more elegant solution for those who know what they are doing.

I I knew how to make the 2nd tab open when the user1 button was pressed, then the 2nd tab could be hidden and then the layout would be switched automatically. But as I said, there is no doubt a better way.