My new bitwig controller with Open Stage Control

Hi everybody
I recently finished a new controller for Bitwig and part of it uses Open Stage Control so maybe some of you will be interested :slight_smile:

Have a nice day


That's the first time I see a home made hardware solution together with OSC. Well done!
Reminds me of the MP MIDI Controller 1A+

Are the encoders part of something like a Behringer X-Touch Mini, or did you use a microcontroller chip to read the encoders?

Are you just dragging the plugin window to the touchscreen because it’s connected as a 2nd monitor? I assume that wouldn’t work if using a second PC ?

Nice work there !

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I didn't know this one ! Yes, there is a similar approach. But if I understand correctly each plugin has to be mounted in a host vst plugin, I think that would annoy me :slight_smile: And there is no mix section either. But it's a nice object :slight_smile:

I use a teensy LC for the encoders. I have designed PCBs for this, to match the screen size.

Yes, you're right. If you use a second PC to drive the screen you can't have this function.

hello, very good work.i hope you will share the json file, because i also use Bitwig.thanks

how do you get the names of the vst parameters in your json? With a procedure?
I have difficulties to do the same thing because I am not a good programmer !!

OpenStageControl4Bitwig - Copie de travail.json (1.3 MB)
this my last version .I take some examples in this forum :slight_smile:

Thanks Patrick, i don't have my json here but have you tried the json from Jurgen Mossgraber ? It's a very (very) good start to build something for bitwig.

To answer your question for the names of the vst parameters, you have to map them (once and for all) in each device. It's already done for the bitwig effects but not for others vsts.

thank you for your answer, I already use the example of Jurgen. I will continue to work on it. Have a nice day

See this page to configurate the control panels in bitwig : Userguide | Bitwig

But feel free to ask if you've some issues.