Virtual LaunchControlXL for use with Ableton Live

Hi there guys,

So pending to add one little functionality and maybe polish a bit the layout , I'm just presenting the New Device of the series Virtual-Midi devices created with Open Stage Control :partying_face: :partying_face: :champagne: .

Virtual Launch Control XL

All of the devices in this Series are carefully made to work along with the Software that the non-virtual MIDI device is referring to.

Note: There is no will at all to make any earnings out of it, just so you guys can enjoy the experience as close as having the Real Hardware, but just with a touchscreen, so you can work remotely whenever you don't have access to the Real Hardware you have previously purchased.

I have spent countless of hours trying to understand how everything of this works, to put it all together, but surely :thinking: @jean-emmanuel and the rest of developers have spent just a bit more hours than me doing o-s-c . In conjunction of our superpowers , we have brought you this amazing Software Stack , completely for Free !!

At the moment it has been tested on Ableton Live and it works with the Built in Scripts, so feel free to try it out, and comment the Bugs.

The LaunchControlXL is a sophisticated and amazing device, which allows you to control the Mix Menu of Ableton live , plus it has got a Device Mode which lets you assign parameters to its knobs automatically Novation LaunchControlXL

Additionaly , there is an amazing Custom Script created by Isotonik Studios which lets you Custom Map as many devices as you want , you may want to take a look to it Isotonik LaunchControlXXL

Rock and Roll people :guitar: :drum: :control_knobs: :level_slider: