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this is a quick patch I did for my m4l pack Talk to machine, still have few improvement possible (speed in ms is not in the good log value) and a bug (?) in clone naming.
But it combines : clones, custom matrix, and simple js - html tricks, hope it can help other users.
updated and debug
TTM_OSC_v2.json (80.1 KB)

here you can download the m4l pack :

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Nice ! A few remarks:

  • settings lineWidth to 0 on some containers may lighten the UI a bit
  • you don’t need to put a panel widget in your tabs, you can put the widgets directly in the tabs
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Here I fiddled a bit with your session, it’s a matter of taste of course but maybe there are some useful style tricks here: test.json (72.8 KB)

thank you for your advices.
I was wondering if tab could send midi cc ?
TTM_OSC_v3.json (68.7 KB)

The tab's parent can send message when the selected tab changes so yes (either set the osc-related properties of the parent or use its script property)

@love770 here you can find it