Controlling different synths

Just playing with an idea here. Let’s say you have a bunch of synths. Diva, zebra, sylenth etc. Let’s say you have them in your template but not loaded/activated. I’m wondering if we can create a bunch of different modals, and bring them up only when a specific synth is activated in the template. Then we could adjust filter cut off for example from osc etc… I could assign a midi cc to send to osc on each synth track, then osc could read that cc and bring up the relevant modal. Is this the correct way to think about this? I just want to be clear in my head that this would actually work.

It sounds reasonable !

this is just how i do it, im no programmer, so take this with a grain of salt :sweat_smile:

i created a Panel widget called:


inside the Panel i have multiple Tab widgets like this:


from my DAW i send an OSC message to switch tabs on the fly, like this:

/Device_Panel 3

basically the Panels OSC address + Number of the desired tab

I’m not sure what happens in the Background of O-S-C.
if using the same Message for controls,
having potentially 100’s of templates reacting to the same message in the Background
is asking for trouble i thought…
so i used different ones for each parameter of each device.

In Ableton i have full control over OSC thanks to Max/Max for live,
(a visual programming Language that has native access to Ableton’s API)
So creating different Messages is not a Problem.

but in most DAW’s just getting a simple Midi Message on Selection of a Device is already a hard job.
dunno what you use but because the general lack of OSC support in DAW’s many have some
midi/OSC conversion going on.
so, being able to use the same control Messages while other tabs are “muted” is desirable.

i guess jean-emmanuel can shed some light on this.

would love to use the same messages and
use the proper method to do all this switching efficiently.
meanwhile i have only made a few Templates for my most used Devices,
and i use a generic Template as a high resolution VST controller with named Parameters/Banking.

it works good how i do it now, but before i make 100’s of templates i basically have the same question like OP :stuck_out_tongue: what is the best method to do this?

my 2 cents …

Thanks for taking the time to reply! I think I understand what you are saying…any chance you couuld attach a photo or two of how you have it set up? I think then it would be clearer to me. Thanks!

agree @GeneralMidi. in general (not only midi :slight_smile: ), some screenshots would be more useful than some text… and of course json files to load ourselves into o-s-c and try to learn about it.
a forum is a place for sharing.

@endo took the time to respond in depth. Which we are very thankful for. I’m sure he/she will help us out when they have time. I do like this small forum a lot.

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TabSwitchExample.json (3.1 KB)

this is how i use it, just send one of these messages to change tabs

/Device_Panel 0
/Device_Panel 1
/Device_Panel 2