Send osc back when receiving

Hello !
This is a really simple question : how do I configure a widget to get a reply when it receive a value or an OSC message ?
Thank you !


Widgets do not reply to osc messages, but you could do that from a costum module, by filtering incomming messages (oscInFilter definition) and sending back replies (send function) when the conditions (address, etc) are met.

Thank you for your quick reply !
I will try the custom module trick

Could you help me just a bit more please ? ^^ I’m not used to Javascript.
If I want the client to send “ok” when it receive “/test ping”, should I use oscInFilter to parse and oscOutFilter to send back ?
and is it possible when there are several clients to precise in the reply the ip ?
Thank you !

Ok, I finally managed to get something usable …

hi Etienne,

It has been a long time ago but sure your solution will interest the community with an example of custom module usage.


I’ve added a few examples to the documentation, including one that covers this.