Send OSC on widget´s state change

Hello everybody,
I’m struggling with something I thought would be rather simple.
I have a device sending 1 and 0 every second on /keepAlive. I would like that message to trigger a response automatically through O-S-C on /keepAliveResponse, for example.

From the documentation, I know the send() function only works when triggered by user interaction, so I’m wondering… is there any way to do what I want at all?



This question has been answered here : Send osc back when receiving

Alternatively, using the /SET command allows simulating user interactions, although you might need to route that /keepAlive to the appropriate /SET command to make it work (hint: using a custom module :)).

I’ve added a few examples to the documentation, including one that covers this.

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Man! How do you even have time for this!!!
Not only you made an amazing piece of software, you also stay on top of the chat and make awesome examples like those!!!

Thank you so much, @jean-emmanuel

Thank you :).