Safari compatibility, default values, knob & slider seizures

I've been using Open Stage Control since version 1.9 but I never noticed – or perhaps I was simply in denial – that Safari is not listed as a compatible client in the Requirements section of the documentation. I generally develop using Chrome (on macOS & iPadOS) but in performance I use Safari on my iPad Mini because this one weird trick gives me additional screen real estate.

I have always noticed that Safari doesn't recognize widget default values, e.g., sliders that should load up with a default of 0.5 instantiate with a value of 0.0. That's become problematic as my interface capability has evolved. And in my hour-long performance last night, a few knobs and sliders simply seized up, stopped responding to touch, and because one of them drives my main means of expression, that was a big problem I hope never to repeat. (May or not be related to a similar issue raised earlier.)

Long intro but two questions:

  1. is Safari compatibility technically not possible for some reason or is it just that no one's volunteered to work on that and @jean-emmanuel has other priorities?
  2. has a best practice for bringing a widget back to life during a session been determined?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

On iOS it's always safari's engine running under the hood, even when using chrome, so in a way ios safari is supported because it can't be avoided. The main issue with it is that I don't have any ios device (by choice), I can test and debug o-s-c on remote ios devices, but the touch aspect is rather limited (I use the mouse).
As for the issue you encountered if you can gather more informations and maybe a reproduction case that would be great.
I'll check out the default value issue.

I've not been able to reproduce the default value issue, could you please provide a session file to demonstrate it and tell me which version of iOS you're using ?

I opened GitHub issue #793 for this.

I may need to open a second one concerning another issue that's more urgent (my continuously rotatable knobs are no longer continuously rotatable) but rereading that old topic I'm reminded that I had to update my solution once before.