Knob seized-up during performance

I opened a topic back in September that included a report of seized-up widgets. I experienced this again during a performance on Thursday (but thankfully not on Wednesday). I'm currently running version 1.22.0 on iPad and MacBook Pro and the problem was with a knob configured as snap-alt; it rotates continuously and I use them throughout my app as hue/color wheels corresponding to different geographic layers (e.g., water, transportation networks, labels) on maps.

The session is still open on my iPad. I'm no longer on the same network so I'm not sure how much debugging info I can collect or even what would be useful. If I can do something to help in this state, @jean-emmanuel, I will. If I can enable logging or do something else that would permit a trace before the next performance or demo I'd be happy to do that, too.

If my app were more developed I could invisibly reconnect to the server during performance but the way things are now, doing so would likely have undesirable visual impacts. I have to choose between that and limping along with diminished expressive control.

Would love to get to the bottom of this. Thanks!

Could you please upload or send me the session file so that I can try to reproduce the issue ?

Before powering down I shot this little video. It was a 50 minute performance. I'd guess the knob locked up around 30 or 35 minutes in.

I use that control a lot but it's not the only one I use a lot.

I know you asked for a session file but I thought I'd post this just to illustrate (learned the forum doesn't accept video formats!).

In the video there's is an error notification that suggests something went wrong on the server side, wasn't there any error in the server's console ? Also, in case it's on the client side, opening the client console when this happens (3-dots menu > Console > Enabled) will help if an error is printed here.

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