Return/Update the state of a button

Hi there, this is my first question here and despite perusing the topics and replies I'm unsure if my question has already been answered. I have precisely zero experience coding, so perhaps I've missed a glaring example of the answer.

I have made a functional controller for Cubase 12, and everything is working perfectly. However, the controller is dumb at this point ; it consists only of tap or double tap buttons that are mapped to commands using Cubase 12's new mapping editor (which is a joy btw).

My question is ; What is the simplest way to have any button listen to Cubase for the state of the selected channel. To be clear, the commands I've implemented are all 'selected channel' ; I have one set of commands on my template and I use next and previous channel buttons to navigate the project. I'm not using mixer banks, so I have 1 "Record Arm" button, 1 "read Auto", 1 "Solo" and so on.

My apologies if this has been answered already.

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Hello Stevie,

Sorry for the delay answering your question.
First, in order to have two-way communication between Cubase and OSC, you need 2 virtual ports (for example "fromOSC" and "toOSC").
Connect the Cubase MIDI Remote Input to "fromOSC" and the Output to "toOSC".

In the OSC server MIDI configuration prop add a line looking like this:
(I'm using oscMIDI as an example, but you can name it whatever you want)

Now, use this as the target of your OSC controls:

Then, in Cubase, make sure to change the control Value Mode to "Jump".
(the default is set to "Scaled" for faders and "Toggle" for buttons).

And another detail, for buttons Cubase sends the max MIDI value (127), so make sure your OSC button is set to this value in the on prop.

Hope it helps,


Thank you so much.