Solved: Toggle Button: Receiving on or off state from cubase

Hello community
I do like to connect a Toggle button with cycle. Does somebody has a way, if i push cycle in cubase that the cycle button reacts in OSC?


Set the OSC button props on to 127, off to 0 and mode to toggle.

If using C12 MIDI-Remote, use Value Mode Jump.

If using Generic Remote, use learn and press the OSC button, set Max Value to 127 and choose flags Receive and Transmit (R,T). Set Device (Transport) -> Channel/Category (Device) -> Value/Action Cycle (no flags).

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Very Thanks... I use C12 and my problem was the default setting button.on 1 to change to 127 like you said. As a remote control, it works now perfectly. but...
Is there a function that detects the status of the cycle button in Cubase and transfers it to the cycle button in the OSC?

It depends on what device method you're using, the new MIDI Remote in C12 or the Generic Remote.
But both situations are answered in my previous reply. Let me know if you tried them.

I use Cubase 12 with "Midi Remote". Its works but...

  • push cycle-button in OSC (both OSC cycle-button and Cubase cycle-button reacts)
  • push cycle-button in cubase (Only Cubase cycle-button reacts)


Solved: Thanks Cielson
I have found the error on my side. It was a basic setting.
I had defined only one Midi port in Cubase for my in and output. Now I generated 2 midi ports and it works. (OSCtoCUBASE and CUBASEtoOSC)

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I use Mackie Control for all the transport controls now. Works far more reliably and not too hard to set up.

Love the icon replication. Did you make that or find it somewhere?

I bought the Icons at

but I had to cut out and resize the pictures.

My buttons are now a mix between picture with alpha channel (BASE64) and the label text from OSC.

Brilliant thanks. Will look into that

Hello, it would be really great if you could explain a little bit more how messages from Cubase are received by OSC. I mean (for instance) if I press the RECORD button in Cubase, how can I assign a MIDI message to that action that could be received and transfered into some action in OSC?
I am using C12 and up to now I only send messages from OSC to Cubase using MIDI-Remote. I am a beginner and would really appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.


Ok, I'll try going step by step.

  1. In order to have two way communication between OSC and Cubase, you need two virtual MIDI ports, to avoid feedback. I'm considering these two, created in loopMIDI:

  2. Now, set the OSC midi server configuration like this:
    text to copy: osc:toOSC,fromOSC
    Explanation: I'm setting an internal MIDI port called osc. Its input is toOSC and its output is fromOSC

  3. Now, go to Cubase and create a new MIDI Remote Controller Surface using the MIDI ports created above:

  4. Go to OSC and create a button widget, with this configuration:

  5. In Cubase, right click the Record button and choose Pick for MIDI Remote Mapping: Record

  6. MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant will open. Tap the button in OSC and it will show in the Mapping Assistant window. Select it and hit Apply Mapping

  7. Done!

I hope it helps.

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Thank you for the effort you have made with your detailed explanation. It helped me understand and deal with it. :person_raising_hand: :pray:
I noticed two things.

  1. From OSC I can change the master volume in Cubase, but the reverse direction doesn't work. The slider in OSC doesn't move when I make changes in Cubase.
  2. At the moment Cubase seems to mainly support the buttons on the transport panel for this functionality. For example, I often alternate between "Start Recording at Project Cursor Position" and "Start Recording at Left Locator/Punch In Position". It would be nice if the current setting was displayed in the OSC. So hopefully, Cubase will support that in the future.
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