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Hello communuity
I'm a novice. I've followed this tutorial video but it didn't work for me.
I just want to sent a simple MIDI message and see it monitored by a MIDI monitor app like MidiView.
Python3 is installed, also rtmidi, and I've created a Virtual MIDI port in my OSX driver IAC.

These are my actual settings:

The video is outdated, the documentation states clearly that the path option should not be used. That being said, it doesn't seem to be the issue here.

Also on mac I recommend using virtual ports directly from open stage control instead of using IAC: you can write OSC:virtual instead of OSC:0,0.

The widget's configuration looks fine otherwise, you could enable the server's debug option to check if it sends the midi message and determine where the problem is.

Thanks, but how do I create a virtual port in OSX? Wouldn't be enough using the IAC driver?
TouchOSC is fine using that bus.
Would you please describe the steps to a novice?

I explained how to create a virtual port in my previous post, but it's just a recommendation anyway, it should work with IAC too. You already seem to have configured everything properly (except the path=... optio you should definitely remove) and I suspect the problem is not on the sending side. You should enable the server's debug option that will print the message it sends.

If I write OSC:virtual, in MIDIView appears a port named OSC-OUT

then here it my settings, but still no messages in MIDIView (the debugger is active):

You need to determine whether open stage control successfully sends the message or not before checking if it's received. It's not clear which app's debugger you activated, make sure open stage control's debug option is enabled, then when interacting with the button (assuming it's mode property has any other value than momentary) you should see the midi messages in the server's console. If it doesn't please upload your session so that I can investigate.

make sure open stage control's debug option is enabled

how do I make sure? Please be descriptive, a novice here.

you should see the midi messages in the server's console.

If you meant that, I see error messages in the server console just if I write in target any different value from OSC

Here is my template json

There is an option called debug in the window from your screenshot, that's the one you have to enable.

In your session, the button's mode is set to momentary. This mode doesn't send any value and it won't work here because you need to send 3 values to produce a valid MIDI CC message : 1 for the channel, 1 for the control change number, 1 for the control change value. You've set the first 2 values using the preArgs property and usually the widgets value is used for the third. Try setting mode to tap (then the control change value will be determined by the value of the button's on property).

Thanks a lot jean, you have been really helpful. Now it works, but I must say that o-s-c is not really intuitive, and its documentation lacks of nitty practical examples.
I hope I can go on by myself now.

But just a curiosity: why o-s-c does not transmit on the IAC port and instead it is using what it has called "OSC-OUT"?
TouchOSC and other softwares do.

The documentation of OSC is quite complete and in the discourse section you will find a lot of exemple that user shared, just take time to search for it.
IAC is only on OSX, and Jean-Emmanuel doesn't own an apple machine.
I came from ToucOSC & Lemur and was, still am, a novice but most of the time I found my way with the forum & documentation

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I'm pretty sure I've seen many posts of users that made it work with IAC so I guess there is some configuration issue here but as @zoltan said I can't test it myself.