Multixy with extra features

Hi guys,
Just made this for myself like a practice to learn O-S-C basics. I thought sharing here so hopefully somebody can find it useful, this is very raw, but I will continue adding stuff to practice.

updated (08/17/2022)
multixy_abWrap v1.01.json (9.6 KB)

little demo video

I've just used this for a few days, so I am getting familiarized with it, if you see any code stuff that makes you eyes bleed , please let me know, I would love to know to improve it :rightwards_hand: :leftwards_hand:

btw- Thank you guys for the patience replying my basic questions, @ClelsonLopes and @jean-emmanuel



Good work! Thank you for sharing!

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thanks mate! my pleasure. I have seen now I made some mistakes declaring the functions, I will fix and re-upload.


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