Note beat selection

Anyone figure out a clever way to select specific note lengths in cubase like in C_brains?

Something like Hans seems to have setup here.


Hi Mike,

This can be done with the project logical editor. Here is an example selecting quarter notes:

You can figure out what the length of each note is, by selecting a note and looking in the status info.


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Thanks! I’ll mess around with that. Much appreciated

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If you like more to select a range +/- from a note, you can use length within the range (Sorry, i have only the german version)

Here is a list I did:

The yello section is the normal note length, and the green section is the range I choosed.
Hope that helps.

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So would this select all 16th notes for example in a midi part?

Even if you don't play in a 16th note exactly, in my version you will also recognize a bit longer or shorter 16th notes. Technically, half way less to the 32nd note and half way more to the 8th note.

This example is a 16th note (see table in my previous post)

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Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely mess around and see what I can come up with