Is it possible to read the velocity of selected notes in DAW dynamically?

Hey guys!
I'm using Cubase as my DAW.
And I have some macros to trigger.
But the problem is, I need velocity information for my condition to trigger different macros(which I can't do in cubase because there aren't any condition in "keyboard shortcut" and I tried to use PLE to do the condition, also failed...).
So I need the OSC to read the velocity of currently selected notes, and use that information for my condition(For instance, velocity that's greater than 101 would trigger macro A, otherwise it's going to trigger macro B)

It's not possible to send out velocity values of selected notes in Cubase.
What are your macros? What do they do?
You can filter selected notes with Logical Editor and then apply functions to the selection.

For example,

This Logical Editor settings filters the selected notes to only ones that Velocity¹ is greater then 100 and subtract 10 from them.
Then, you can use a button in OSC to trigger this Logical Editor Preset by mapping it using Generic Remote (C11 and lower) or MIDI Remote in C12.

¹ value 1 is Pitch, value 2 is Velocity and value 3 is Off Velocity

Well, I've already tried everythin with PLE...
My macro is offsetting the delay of cinematic studio strings.(idea from stephen bennette but I imporved his version) So this macro is offsetting the position of notes according to the velocity.
The important thing of this macro is, to not change the first note of the first selected note(it actually has very less delay because it's not "legato"). So I need to "de-select" the first note of selected in the macro(why not make the user to manually select the necessary notes only? because it's kinda hard to find and select the notes from a group that doesn't include a "first note", you'll have to "bypass" the first note intentionally) So I decided to use the macro to "de-select" the first note automatically.
But there is another problem: there aren't a bult-in function to filter the first note from a selected group of notes. So I'm acutally using the cursor position to filter the first note(First action is "L" which brings the cursor to the note on position of the first note of the selected notes, second action is to "ctrl&num+" which move the cursor to the right for a little bit. Third action is to "select" all the notes that is behind the cursor, so that the first note is "de-selected").
But here comes anoooother problem: When the notes are really short(velocity value should also be pretty big because the velocity controls the legato speed of CSS), then my macro would make the first two or three notes to stay(because the cursor is moving too much right and I have no way to fix that). So I acutally designed another macro that is specailly for the fast run situation that it's offsetting every note including the first note.
And I wanted to use the same button to trigger two different macros according to the velocity of the first note.
I tried to use PLE to filter some condition to disable the "only select notes behind the cursor" action, but it can only work if I'm using the de-selected mode from cubase12: I can reverse this condition, so it's de-selecting the first note and it have to match the condition that the velocity of the notes before the cursor are all smaller than 101(which means they're normal notes instead of some short notes). In this case, I can use the same button to trigger two situation: if the note before the cursor has a small velocity, it is de-selected, and the offset macro would only apply to the notes apart from the first note, if the notes(usually multiple notes because they're really short) before cursor have a velocity that is greater than 101, then it'll not "de-select" the first note, so the offset macro would apply to every note that is selected.
This seems good enough, but the thing is, the de-selected mode is only for cubase 12, if I'm sending my presets to a user using older version of cubase, the macro won't work....(and the only way that I can use the PLE to have two different actions, is through the "de-selected" mode)
So now I'm giving up the idea of using one button to trigger two different situations, instead I have to make two buttons for the delay offset....which is a bit less cool
I don't know if my words make sense, hope you'll understand what I'm trying to do here. :joy:
Thanks for reading this!

Yeah, I'm quite confused and it's passed midnight, so sorry if I got something wrong.
And again, sorry if you've said already, but what do you want to do with those selected notes?
Then, check this MIDI logical editor. I'm pretty sure this can be used in older Cubase versions:

You can achieve this by using the Logical Editor (the MIDI one, not PLE). Check the GIF below:

deselect first of selected notes GIF

select not first

TIP: right click the image and open it in a New Tab to see it in full size

Thank you so much
I've tried the last event and event counter, but it never worked, I tested it just now and I found that for some events it'll work, some won't, I don't know the reason for that.....Actually, I only got one situation to work.

Well, acutally it only worked for the very first note of the whole event. And sometimes even when it's the first note of the whole event, it won't work...

Oh, yeah, the Event Counter ignores the selected notes and starts counting from the first event inside the MIDI part :confused: .
So, the solution is to position the cursor over the firs note and use the Position -> Beyond Cursor in the Logical Editor. And then, in the same logical editor you can apply any action.

yes, that's what I was doing...
Guess I'll have to use two different macros for two different situation then(for earlier version of cubase)...
I was able to select/de-select the first note using one command(judging by the velocity of the start note), but that can only happen when the mode is set to de-select which is only for Cubase12.